terça-feira, 26 de julho de 2011

Arranjos Baixos!

Estava ontem com uma noiva definindo a decoração dela, e tivemos muita dificuldade em definir o arranjo baixo. Ela quer mesclar arranjos baixos e altos na decoração das mesas da recepção, e nas revistas quase não haviam opções.
Por isso resolvi dar uma pesquisada e fazer uma seleção pra noivas que tem essa dificuldade.

The pink and chocolate-brown wedding hues accented the tablecloths, centerpieces, and candles.The bride covered low vases with blue silk and had the florist fill them with different types of white flowers. She also covered glasses with blue paper lace and placed pillar candles inside. A selection of flower arrangements and candles sat on custom, l...

Bright magenta, orange, and purple gerbera daisies –- Sean‘s favorite flower –- were showcased in rectangular glass vases for the table arrangements. "They were so vivid, they really showed up beautifully against the white tent, especially after...Low, garden-inspired arrangements of poppies, tulips and wheatgrass decorated half of the tables, while wrought-iron trees with hanging votives topped the others.

Colorful centerpieces of Black Magic roses, green cymbidium orchids, purple artichokes, Schwarzwalder calla lilies, and green hydrangeas contrasted with the modern black-and-white damask print linens.The long banquet tables at Shari and Evan’s reception were topped with a series of low, rectangular, clear glass vases filled with orchids and calla lilies, each connected to the next to create a "hop" affect from vase to vase.

Small vases holding betta fish made for unusual centerpieces at Betsy and Leo‘s wedding celebration. In addition, each table boasted three separate, square glass vases, one filled with blue hydrangea, one with jade green roses, and one with white ger...Deanna and Mark‘s candlelit reception unfolded in the Grand Ballroom. Continuing the romantic look, tiny pin lighting illuminated the centerpieces -- gold antique vases filled with red and white roses and trailing greens. "It was a beautiful, so...

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